Futuristic nostalgia with Yeon Soon Shin and Rolando Masís-Obando

In this episode of The Highlights, we’re joined by Yeon Soon Shin, who completed her doctoral degree in neuroscience at Princeton in 2020 and Rolando Masís-Obando, a 5th-year graduate student in neuroscience. We discuss their paths to graduate work in psychology, their research on how environmental context affects memory, and the virtual reality environments they created to test their ideas.

This episode of The Highlights was produced under the 145th Managing Board of The Daily Princetonian in partnership with Princeton Insights. Rolando Masís-Obando is a graduate student in the Princeton Computational Memory Lab and can be reached at rmasis@princeton.edu. Yeon Soon Shin is currently a postdoctoral research associate at Yale University and can be reached at yshin@princeton.edu

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Princeton Insights coverage: Using virtual reality to demonstrate the environmental reinstatement effect

Original Paper: Context-dependent memory effects in two immersive virtual reality environments: On Mars and underwater


Written and hosted by Thiago Tarraf Varella GS and Paula Brooks GS

Edited and sound engineered by Sophia Villacorta and Isabel Rodrigues

Produced by Isabel Rodrigues

Original Princeton Insights coverage by Paula Brooks GS

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