Noncommunicable Diseases and Socioeconomic Status in Turkana, Kenya w/ Grad Student Benjamin Muhoya

In this episode of Brains, Black Holes, and Beyond, Thiago Tarraf Varella sit down with Benjamin Muhoya, a graduate student in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department to learn more about his research. Benjamin discusses his research in hospitals prior to coming to Princeton, his research looking at the evolutionary perspective of the trends noncommunicable diseases among different socioeconomic backgrounds in Turkana, and some exciting research results coming out soon.

This episode of Brains, Black Holes, and Beyond (B cubed) was produced under the 147th board of the Prince in partnership with the Insights newsletter.

For more information about Benjamin's research, check out the original insights article linked below.


Original Paper: Socioeconomic status effects on health vary between rural and urban Turkana

Princeton Insights coverage: Socioeconomic status effects on human health have evolved with industrialization


Written and Hosted by Thiago Tarraf Varella 

Edited and Sound Engineered by Senna Aldoubosh

Transcript by Ketevan Shavdia

Produced by Senna Aldoubosh

Original Princeton Insights coverage by Kimberly Sabsay (QCB, G3).

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